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Thu Jul 24

I Will Bring The Light With The Rooster

I am a thumb-sucking prophet
and I can tell you whatever you want to know
about sunbeams and solar beams and smokescreens
with just a wave of my mama-made hand.
Just put my thumb in my mouth and wait,
a toll paid to the twin gods of wonder and willfulness.

Mama, let me explain to you:
I don’t sleep through the night
because I don’t know what it is, because I once lived
in your ever-expanding vessel,
and I am still learning to shut out a world
so loud—with so few good places left
to mourn the silence of a womb and wish for it still,
even as it disappears from memory
and reinvents itself as history.

And you come into focus finally as my hand-holder:
bringer of the morning sun. And what is morning
to me? It goes like this, mama:
if I keep my thumb very still and wiggle free fingers,
you appear the sun, and you hold the grass in place
beneath our sky—
and the rooster sounds for me.

"Sky Now Black With Birds”—Jamaal May.

I had the privilege of seeing Jamaal perform at “Page Meets Stage” at AWP this year. I hope you take some time to enjoy this, too.

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Fri Jul 18
Thu Jul 17

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"For Women Who Are Difficult To Love"—Warsan Shire.

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